Best Crypto Screeners to Choose

If just a decade ago, selecting a cryptocurrency to invest in was as easy as ABC because just a couple of them existed, the situation has changed drastically by now.

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X will charge new users for posting on the app – Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of X, the old Twitter platform, has reportedly stated that new

Senate advances bill that may ban TikTok

It is now almost a certain that a bill that would outlaw TikTok would pass.

iMazing 3, the iPhone and iPad backup software is officially ready

After completing development on iMazing 3, a native program for both MacOS and Windows, DigiDNA

Microsoft’s AI program can create lifelike videos of people singing and conversing from pictures

Microsoft Research Asia has launched VASA-1, a new experimental AI tool that can turn a

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Understanding the Advantages and Risks of Peer-to-Peer Crypto Trading

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is the term used to describe the process wherein two people or entities choose to exchange any

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin Trading at $63,000, Most Altcoins Remain Shrouded by Losses

On Monday, April 29, Bitcoin entered the trading ring at $63,192, or around Rs. 52.6 lakh, following a 0.57 percent

North Korean hacking groups hack South Korea Defense Contractors – Police

According to South Korea's police on Tuesday, major North Korean hacker gangs have been launching "all-out" cyberattacks against South Korean

Bitcoin’s ‘Halving’ Software Update Reduces Supply of New Tokens, Posing Threat to Miners

A much-anticipated Bitcoin software update known as the "halving" has been completed, potentially striking a blow to organizations who profit

Sam Bankman-Fried got sentenced to 25 years in prison

The Southern District Court of New York has convicted the disgraced former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, to 25 years

Crypto ransom attack payments breaks record in 2023 – Chainalysis

Blockchain analytics company Chainalysis reported on Wednesday that payments from ransom attacks pertaining to cryptocurrencies nearly doubled to a record

Ethereum Name Service Connect Domain Names With Crypto Wallets

Through a partnership with GoDaddy, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a domain name system built on top of Ethereum, will

The U.S. Treasuries Token from Hashnote is Now Accessible Via Crypto Custodian Copper

Leo Mizuhara, CEO of Hashnote, cautions that not all so-called "on-chain treasuries" in the market are made equal. Hashnote was