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Senate advances bill that may ban TikTok

It is now almost a certain that a bill that would outlaw TikTok would pass.

iMazing 3, the iPhone and iPad backup software is officially ready

After completing development on iMazing 3, a native program for both MacOS and Windows, DigiDNA

Microsoft’s AI program can create lifelike videos of people singing and conversing from pictures

Microsoft Research Asia has launched VASA-1, a new experimental AI tool that can turn a

Your weekly tarot horoscope for April 22 to April 28

Now that Taurus season has here, say hello to romance, wealth, and fun! And a

Lasted iPhones

Privacy on iPhones is “virtually impossible”, according to experts

Experts have cautioned that keeping your data secret from Apple is "virtually impossible." According to a recent study, your personal

This popular iPhone model is now considered ‘obsolete’

Since the iPhone 6 Plus is currently regarded as outdated, Apple will no longer assist you in fixing the device.

Rumors suggests iOS 18 will enable long-desired Android features on iPhones

Owing to a potential feature in iOS 18, iPhones—such as the reconditioned iPhone SE 3, which retails for $229.94 on

Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Apple

Apple is being sued in federal court by the US Department of Justice and over a dozen states, who claim

iOS 18 update: The top 5 most anticipated features on iPhones

The impending iOS 18 upgrade has generated a lot of enthusiasm. Here are a few innovative features that could alter