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More than 200 militia groups and users use Facebook to organize countrywide, according to new report

Conspiracy theories and hazardous organizing flourish on Facebook during pivotal occasions, as seen by the over 650,000 postings

A researcher is suing Meta for the right to ‘turn off’ Facebook’s news feed

Facebook's News Feed algorithm has long been the focus of arguments around some of Meta's most serious issues.

Anti-trans hate is ‘widespread’ across Facebook, Instagram and Threads, report warns

According to a recent GLAAD study, Meta is not upholding its own policies on hate speech against transgender

Expert alerts about ‘despicable’ Facebook funeral scams on the rise

Mourners are the target of a "despicable" and rapidly increasing funeral scam. According to the BBC, con artists

Facebook is enhancing its video recommendation algorithm with AI

Facebook head Tom Alison announced on Wednesday that Meta is redesigning how Facebook suggests films for Reels, Groups,

WhatsApp releases a scam alert to millions of users

WhatsApp users have been cautioned that modifications to the extremely popular messaging app may raise the danger of

Meta is killing the Facebook News tab in Australia and the US

Users in the US and Australia will begin to see the Facebook News tab vanish at the beginning

Meta will require advertisers to pay Apple’s thirty percent fee for Facebook and Instagram posts

According to Meta, it will begin requiring companies and influencers to pay Apple a thirty percent fee when

How to stop Facebook chirping sound

A new sound that arises when browsing through the Facebook app on a smartphone has been noted by

Fake Facebook job ads spreading malware to steal all your data

Another dangerous Facebook ad campaign aimed at tricking users into installing malware on your Windows PC has been

The changing face of Facebook – From Al Pacino to poking

Recall the Facebook Guy? Poking? Status updates? Barry Smith is thinking about cooking dinner. Nobody cares Barry, but

Facebook parent Meta announces first dividend, shares surge

Ahead of Facebook, the world's most popular social network, turning 20 years old, Meta Platforms (META.O) announced a