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The European Union is investigating Meta’s election policies

Due to Meta's purported inability to remove election-related misinformation, the EU has formally launched a substantial inquiry against

The European Union is getting ready to launch a new investigation into Meta over its handling of election policies

The European Union is preparing to initiate a fresh inquiry into Meta for its handling of election-related content,

Spotify updates its price in the EU to test Apple’s resolve

Spotify is still experimenting with what the world after the Digital Markets Act (DMA) holds for its iOS

Apple’s offer to open up NFC-based tap-and-go technology is expected to receive EU approval by May, according to reports

After making some changes to the rules, Apple's offer to allow competitors to use its tap-and-go mobile payment

iOS music apps in the EU can now redirect users to external websites for purchase

If you reside in a nation that is a member of the European Union, Apple will make it

Romanian state agency turns to AI to help farmers tap EU funds

In a first for one of the EU's least developed digital sectors, a Romanian state agency for rural

EU investigating Apple, Meta and Google over fees and self-preferencing

Apple, Meta, and Google may face legal repercussions in Europe due to their efforts to adhere to the

Apple to allow iOS apps to be distributed on EU websites

Only a few days after allowing iOS users in the European Union to access third-party app stores, Apple

iOS 17.4 is now available, enabling third-party app shops in the EU

Apple has released updates for several of its operating systems, but the updates to iOS have had the

EU fines Apple €1.8 billion for violating streaming regulations

The reason for the fine is that Spotify and other music streaming services are not allowed to notify

EU elections: Meta to build a team to combat misinformation and AI misuse

Concerned about electoral meddling and deceptive AI-generated material, Facebook owner Meta has formed a team to combat misinformation

Britain, US, and EU disrupt the Lockbit cybercrime gang

The gang and US and UK law enforcement officials said on Monday that Lockbit, a well-known cybercrime organization